ZonMw project deliverable: responsibilities and tasks in data stewardship

18 Feb 2019
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Dear all,
Highly recommended, for those interested in responsibilities and tasks in data stewardship.
The (Dutch) ZonMw funded project Towards a community-endorsed data steward profession description for Life Science research created a Zenodo Community with the intermediate outcomes of the project.
The first deliverable - a matrix, that may function as the basis for a common job description of a data steward - is available. In the next phase of the project, this matrix will be complemented by knowledge, skills and competencies of a data steward, which will be translated into concrete learning objectives. These in turn will be used to develop an education line and training material for data stewards (including a design for an eLearning module). Sustainable implementation and alignment with existing education will be ensured.
We welcome feedback of the community. See https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.2561723.
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