FREYA event @ RDA 14 - October 21, 2019

12 Sep 2019
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Dear all,
We’d like to invite you to the FREYA co-located event which will take place on October 21st in Helsinki, in the context of the RDA P14. Through demos and tutorials this half-day event will showcase FREYA’s work on the PID Graph and encourage a discussion on the use of PIDs in the context of the EOSC.
The event will have three main parts:
1. Introduction to FREYA: the latest developments of the projects
2. Exploring the PID Graph: demonstrators, interactive tutorials and applications of the PID Graph, and its application in the EOSC
3. Sustaining the PID Ecosystem: discussion around sustainability of the PID landscape. Examples include the creation of a PID Forum and the PID Commons
Please feel free to share this message with your community. We hope to see you in Helsinki!
For information and registration please visit:
Looking forward to meeting you in Helsinki,
Kind Regards,