16 Nov 2018
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Dear RDA Ireland group members,
We would like to officially welcome you to the RDA Ireland national node group and the ***@***.***-groups.org mailinglist.
The RDA Ireland national node group is a forum designed to support the collaboration and information exchange between researchers and data practitioners in Ireland. It will highlight grant opportunities, meetings, events, policy developments and results of the RDA which are important for the Irish community. You are warmly encouraged to use this channel and make your voice heard.
The RDA EU Irish node is coordinated by the National Library of Ireland, who drives the Research Data Alliance activities in Ireland and acts as the main RDA point of contact. NLI is supported by the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI), which is a partner in the RDA Europe project, focusing on the data practitioners engagement programmes for Early Careers, Experts and Ambassadors. DRI is also tasked with keeping Ireland connected to European and global developments in RDA and the broader area of Open Science.
We would like to get to know more about your work and how the RDA Irish national node RDA can be of support so we warmly encourage you to stay in touch.
Group mailinglist <***@***.***-groups.org>
Sandra Collins, NLI <***@***.***>
Natalie Harrower, DRI <***@***.***>
Timea Biro, DRI <***@***.***>
Webpage https://rd-alliance.org/groups/rda-ireland
Twitter @RDA_Ireland
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/rda-ireland
Timea Biro | Project Manager, Digital Repository of Ireland
Royal Irish Academy | 19 Dawson St. Dublin 2
***@***.*** | @dri_ireland | www.dri.ie
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