Updates: “Turning FAIR into Reality” report published, Open consultation for the guidance on implementing Plan S, the RDA EU Ambassadors programme and the Top 10 FAIR Data Things Global Sprint

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29 Nov 2018
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Dear all,
We’d like to share a few recent updates with you in case you might have missed them:
1. The Report of the European Commission’s FAIR data expert group, “Turning FAIR into Reality”, was published last week as part of the launch of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) in Vienna. FAIR data principles are a key aspect to open science, and to best practices in data archiving, sharing and reuse going forward. For more information and a link to the report, please see: https://www.dri.ie/eosc-launch-vienna. DOI for distribution is https://doi.org/10.2777/1524
1. Guidance on how Plan S is to be implemented was presented by cOAlition S on Monday, 26 November, in London. The guidance serves to clarify the Plan S provisions and describes implementation modalities. It also provides responses to questions and comments arising from online discussions and debates on Plan S. cOAlition S welcomes feedback on the implementation guidance, in particular to identify specific areas of the Plan’s implementation that require further clarification. Feedback can be provided until the 1 February 2019 at 17h00 CET via the cOAlition S website: www.coalition-s.org/feedback
1. The slides and the recording of our RDA EU Ambassadors Programme webinar are available online at https://rd-alliance.org/webinar-rda-europe-ambassador-programme-what-why.... The Ambassador programme is aimed at identifying domain experts who work with data, and who can promote the reach and outputs of the Research Data Alliance. Funding is attached to the programme. The deadline for submissions is the 5th of December, 17:00 CET. Visit https://grants.rd-alliance.org/OpenCalls/call-ambassadors-i-wave to find out more.
1. The Top 10 FAIR Data Things Global Sprint is taking place between today and tomorrow, 29-30 Nov. There are already numerous groups taking part and interested teams or individuals can still register here. Full details in this post from the RDA Libraries for Research Data IG.
Kind regards,
the RDA IE node team
Timea Biro | Project Manager, Digital Repository of Ireland
Royal Irish Academy | 19 Dawson St. Dublin 2
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