Upcoming RDA IE Meet the Experts lectures: Derek Greene and Ingrid Dillo - Register now for the talks!

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24 May 2019
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Dear all,
We kindly invite you to join us for the upcoming RDA Ireland Meet the Expert lectures hosted by the National Library of Ireland:
Dr. Derek Greene - Empowering Humanities Scholars To Better Explore Our Cultural Past, 14 June 2019, 13:00
Dr. Greene’s lecture will showcasing how modern methods from text mining can be combined with traditional close reading techniques from the humanities to curate digitised texts at a large scale. Dr Greene will discuss the collaboration between the Insight Centre at UCD, the UCD School of English, and the British Library focused on applying these innovative methods on the representation of social themes in 19th century British and Irish texts.
To find out more and register, please visit https://rd-alliance.org/rda-ireland-meet-expert-dr-derek-greene-empoweri...
Dr. Ingrid Dillo - FAIR Data In The Social Sciences And Humanities: From FAIRytale To FAIR Enough, 31 July 2019, 13:00
Dr. Dillo will talk about research data management and the concepts of FAIR and TRUST in the context of the social sciences and humanities.
The lecture is open to all and particularly to humanities and social science researchers, data practitioners and information professionals but in general to anyone interested in the FAIR principles and ways of implementing this in the daily research routines.
To find out more and register, please visit https://rd-alliance.org/rda-ireland-meet-expert-dr-ingrid-dillo-fair-dat...
Many thanks & a lovely weekend to all!
On behalf of the RDA Ireland team
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