Subscription to the RDA in Ireland Group

23 Oct 2018
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Dear members of the RDA in Ireland Group,

RDA is an international volunteer member based organisation and as such encourages the initiative and support of its members across the globe to animate their community on a national level. Researchers and innovators are local rather than global. Therefore interacting with them in the local language, offering them a platform for exchange of information suitable to the RDA and their activities, in compliance with RDA's guiding principles, is part of RDA's mission.

In order to receive information and news from your country, you have recently been subscribed to the Irish RDA Group, animated by RDA volunteer members who have offered to be a national contact point.

We hope that you may find this useful and that you would like to spread the word about RDA in your country.

If you wish to unsubscribe, you can easily do that by login into your profile, accessing the “Group membership” tab there and selecting the Group you want to leave.

RDA Team