CODATA Data Science Journal - extended CfP for the RDA Special Collection - 17 July 2020

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17 Apr 2020
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Dear all,
The RDA Europe 4.0 has been granted an extension by the European Commission, and will be contributing to promoting the RDA work on a global level till the end of September 2020. The project supports the publication of a maximum of 30 articles in the CODATA Data Science Journal Special collection on RDA. Funds are still available to cover the Article Processing Charges (APC) and therefore the call for papers has been extended until the 17th of July. This Call for Papers is open to all interested applicants regardless of their geographical provenance.
What are we looking for in the Data Science Journal special collection?
The CODATA Data Science Journal special collection aims to gather and promote research results and outcomes stemming from the Research Data Alliance activities. In particular, it collects high quality papers describing the latest results of RDA working groups (WGs) or interest groups (IGs) focusing particularly on use cases that highlight the added value of the RDA solutions for different challenges related to research data sharing and management. The submitted manuscripts might present, without being limited to, the following themes:
* The results (RDA Recommendations, Supporting Outputs or Other Outputs) produced by an Interest or Working Group;
* The description of an Adoption Case outlining how a specific recommendation or output has been implemented in a given use case;
* Other types of work related to RDA activities.
More information
The call and submission process is available here:
The full news item can be read here:
Submit your paper by 17 July here:
What’s in the CODATA DSJ RDA Special collection?
A wide variety of practice and research newspapers are already published in the CODATA DSJ special collection, touching upon domain specific issues such as atomic and molecular virtual e-infrastructures and indigenous data governance. Also addressing research data issues from policy frameworks, rights and licensing to discovery, citation and attribution for curation and maintenance of research collections. Read the peer reviewed articles that already shape the RDA special collection.
* Developing a Research Data Policy Framework for All Journals and Publishers
* Bringing Citations and Usage Metrics Together to Make Data Count
* Implementing in the VAMDC the New Paradigms for Data Citation from the Research Data Alliance
* Proper Attribution for Curation and Maintenance of Research Collections: Metadata Recommendations of the RDA/TDWG Working Group
* Indigenous Data Governance: Strategies from United States Native Nations
* The Landscape of Rights and Licensing Initiatives for Data Sharing
* Data Discovery Paradigms: User Requirements and Recommendations for Data Repositories
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