Updates on Open Science plan and next Open Science symposium

30 Jul 2020
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Dear all,
A last update before the summer break:
- While waiting for its adaptation and (hopefully) eventual
endorsement/adoption by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology,
which is responsible for all research policies in Greece, the "National Plan
for Open Science" is being translated to English and will be available
probably after the summer break.
- Recall that the "National Plan for Open Science" is the result of a
bottom-up effort, prepared as a collaborative initiative of eleven national
academic & research organizations and twenty-six research infrastructures &
civic initiatives. The Plan is a proposal for a series of goals,
commitments, policies and actions for the adoption of Open Science in Greece
and is intended to serve as a reference point and a springboard for national
policy makers towards the establishment of a national strategy for Open
Science, to assist national organizations in embracing Open Science
principles, and to ensure national alignment with the European Open Science
(EOSC) and Research Data Alliance (RDA). The Open Science Task Force members
will also be working towards the adoption of the plan in their
- Given the Covid-19 situation, we don't have any news on the next Open
Science Symposium. We are considering different options (physical, virtual,
hybrid), depending on the situation in early fall.
Best wishes,
Fotis Karayannis - Dr. Eng
RDA Greece National Node
RDA Global Secretariat
Skype: fotis71
Twitter: fkarayan