RDA and EOSC open calls

26 Apr 2022
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Dear all,
Two relevant to the RDA communities items from the EOSC portal newsletter. The first one is an RDA funded call on cross-disciplinary adoption (4 x €50.000) [deadline 11 July], while the second is about becoming an EOSC platform early adopter and includes only access to resources and technical support (unfunded) [deadline 15 May].
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Call for proposals: RDA cross-disciplinary adoption for EOSC
Deadline: 11 July 2022, 16.00 CEST
As part of the EOSC Future project, RDA is awarding up to 4 grants, each totalling a maximum of €50 000, to help incorporate cross-disciplinary research best practices within the broader EOSC community.
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EOSC Platform Early Adopter Programme
Deadline (first round): 15 May 2022
A next-level support programme is being launched by EOSC Future and other partners, granting research communities and service providers access to a rich set of EOSC resources and expertise in various disciplines and sectors.
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