1st Nordic FAIR data stewardship workshop

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1st Nordic FAIR data stewardship workshop
27 Aug 2023 UTC

1st Nordic FAIR data stewardship workshop

27 Aug 2023

On behalf of NeIC, we hereby announce the first workshop on FAIR data management in the Nordics. This is a second (and final) attempt at organizing such an event. It is an excellent networking opportunity for data stewards and data professionals – and an opportunity to expand your skill set.

The full event runs over 4,5 days (Nov 13-17, 2023) and is intended for individuals who already have taken the intro course organised by NeIC in the past years or worked as data stewards and wish to develop and refine their skills in working with FAIR data management. 

The event consists of three parts; 

  1. a workshop to develop and perfect your FAIRification skills with exercise(s) on use case(s) to gain hands-on experience
  2. a workshop where participants are invited to share their experiences working as data stewards, data curators, or other data management professionals. We will also host a discussion on future course curriculum, training needs
  3. a unique advanced training opportunity  – a course on conceptual data modeling, FAIR ontologies, and interoperability provided by Prof. G. Guizzardi.

You can select which part you wish to sign up for (the workshop, Nov 15, is free of charge).


- You may register now and will only be required to pay for your participation in the second half of September (by which time the event will be confirmed or canceled, depending on the number of registrations).

- There is an option for online registration

More details on the event, course contents, and registration options are available on the registration page: