European and Global Engagement Strategy

11 Mar 2016


Date: Wednesday 4th May 2016
Time: 13:00 - 15:00 CEST

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The meeting minutes ara available through the link.



1) Welcome and introduction to the RDA Europe Synchronisation Assembly concept (15 min.)

2) Information from the Commission (DG CONNECT/RTD) - Input from the Commission - Augusto Burgueño Arjona (15 min.)

3) Short intro on the RDA Future Directions Document - Hilary Hanahoe (30 min.)

4) Discussion around the planning for the RDA Europe 4 (30 min.)

  • Information about RDA sustainability plans from other continents (AU) - Ross Wilkinson & N.N.
  • Input from Larry Lannom (US).
  • Collected experience from the European Co-Chairs in the RDA WG/IG, in particular on the support and activities needed from RDA Europe and RDA Global - European WG/IG Co-Chairs.
  • Comments and input from European RDA Organisational Members - RDA Organisational Members
  • Input from people:
    • Doris Wedlich (link)
    • Jamie Shiers (link)

5) Concrete actions to be taken in Europe to secure the European support for RDA (30 min.)

  • To better understand the strengths and weaknesses of RDA Europe a consulting Brainstorming F2F meeting is planned to assess goals to be met for future RDA activities and who wishes to contribute is planned for 14th & 15th June in Amsterdam. Either as a noon to noon meeting (14 - 15.6) or a full day on either 14th or 15th June.
  • Suggestions for the agenda in Amsterdam is encouraged.
  • After the meeting it was decided NOT to organise the F2F meeting but an open video conference on the 14th June at 11:00 - 14:00 UTC (13:00 - 16:00 CEST) with the goal to discuss and agree upon RDA Europe functions/tasks/services needed for the next phase of the RDA Europe project.


Appendix - Supporting documents & input

(1) Input from Peter Wittenburg to the SyA:

  • Sustainability of RDA
    This aspect is getting discussed at various places now, The US colleagues created a kind of White Paper about how funding of RDA US can look like after NSF funding will end in 2018. This interesting WP has been distributed to all 1000+ experts involved in RDA from the US side to open a broad discussion. I heard that the topic was also discussed in the Council. Yet we did not have a broad discussion in Europe and did not get any info from council. But also in Europe we need to open this discussions as well, although it seems that funds have been earmarked to RDA by EC within the next Work Programme, so we will have slightly more time until funding may come to an end. The Board of Directors of the RDA EU project will have a first discussion, but since RDA is owned by all engaged people, we need a broad discussion in Europe. I will check whether the WP of the US can be sent around openly to SyA.
    Guidelines / Recommendations
    Senior scientists and funders are asking for guidelines/recommendations that can reduce the huge solution space, make data work much more efficient and thus reduce the costs involved. Within the RDA Data Fabric IG the so-called Paris document was created to start this discussion and see where people may agree and disagree ( As a result of this discussion the DFIG co-chairs started now a web-page on guidelines which is open for discussion: . The current list is by far not comprehensive and needs contributions from various areas. Please, get involved in this interaction and also ask your colleagues to participate. At the next plenary in Denver we want to present first results.
    Peter Wittenburg
    RDA Europe

(2) Template to collect input for RDA Europe 4

  • (a) support to the RDA secretariat for logistics, open access to RDA reference documents and dissemination activities
    • Essentials:
    • Essential 1:
    • Essential 2:
    • ...
  • Nice to haves:
    • Nice to have 1:
    • Nice to have 2:
    • ...
  • (b) support the emergence of building blocks of an open, interoperable data infrastructure fostering interoperability across regions, organisations and scientific disciplines
    • Essential 1:
    • Essential 2:
    • ...
  • Nice to haves:
    • Nice to have 1:
    • Nice to have 2:
    • ...
  • (c) support ESFRI infrastructures and new communities to engage in Open Science and data sharing principles. In particular, the proposal activities should provide financial support of the organisation and coordination of European stakeholders' active participation and contribution to the Research Data Alliance
    • Essential 1:
    • Essential 2:
    • ...
  • Nice to haves:
    • Nice to have 1:
    • Nice to have 2:
    • ...

(3) Deliverables submitted by RDA Europe 2 & 3 to the Commission during the last 6 months

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