Invitation for your input to the RDA Europe SyA meeting 28 February in Brussels

13 Jan 2017

Dear Colleagues,
I hope you have all returned safe back from the holiday season and that you are eager also to spend some time on upcoming RDA Europe Synchronisation Assembly meeting in Brussels on the 28 February.
You remember that we had already a few bullet points assembled for the event:
- Ways RDA / RDA Europe can contribute to the EOSCpilot governance and ecosystem (i.e. interaction mechanisms)
- Definition of standards to be used by EOSC services (c.f. the "rules of engagement")
- Provision of education and training on services (c.f. the shortage of 500K data scientists)
- Provision of social bridges related to the above (ie at RDA plenaries and other meetings)
- Ensuring EOSC fits with global initiatives (c.f. "open to the world")
The agenda is now building up and we have already the following presenters:
* Presentation of current state of RDA Global
- Doris Wedlich (RDA Council)
- Francoise Genova (RDA TAB)
* Presentation on the status of EOSCpilot and linkage to the RDA
- Per Öster, Stakeholder-driven governance framework, (CSC)
However, what should be the essential for the event is your input and how you see EOSCpilot and RDA could/should collaborate/interact. Already at the previous SyA meeting we had the focus on the input from the European RDA WG/IG co-chairs and I think it worked very well. I know there are several persons and organisations involved both in EOSCpilot as well as in the RDA WG/IG activities who can provide valuable input.
Your input, through a 10 - 15 min presentation, on subjects like science demonstrators, services, EOSC interoperability and skills is encouraged and essential! If you volunteer for an input please be in touch with me when I assemble the agenda.
The event wiki page is:
and you can already now register for the meeting at:
Looking forward for your input.
Best wishes,
— Juan & Leif