Survey to EOSC-projects -feedback needed

16 Aug 2019
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A reminder for feedback on this survey

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Date: Friday, 16 August 2019 at 09.32
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Subject: Re: [Rdaeu4-nodes] survey to EOSC-related projects: feedback needed!

Dear colleagues,

a kind reminder that we would appreciate your feedback on this survey!

Thanks and best regards,

Da: Fava, Ilaria
Inviato: giovedì 8 agosto 2019 14:02:19
Oggetto: survey to EOSC-related projects: feedback needed!

Dear all,

in the framework of RDA Europe, we have a task dedicated to align and integrate with other European projects to strengthen existing links between them and RDA and to create new links where possible.

To do this, we're planning to reach out to EOSC-related projects to gain insight into their levels of interaction with RDA and its activities and outputs.
The survey is organised into eight sections:
1. information on the project
2. general EOSC involvement
3. RDA engagement
4. RDA groups engagement
5. Recommendations/Outputs/ICT specifications uptake
6. Project collaboration
7. RDA Value
8. Future directions

You will find the draft survey at (pages 1-5).

We are grateful if you could look at the survey and add your comments by August 23, we highly appreciate your feedback!

Please do get in touch in case you need feedback or clarifications.

Kind regards,