Article on the challenges for Research Data Management in Citizen Science

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13 Sep 2021
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The Danish RDA Node has supported a work about research data management (RDM) challenges in citizen science projects, which was published recently.


The scoping review and case study identified that RDM challenges are often not specific for citizen science. However, finding citizen science data, engaging specific populations, attributing volunteers and handling sensitive data including health data are some of the challenges requiring special attention by managers of citizen science projects. Further, scientific requirements or national practices do not always take into account the nature of citizen science projects.


The aim of the work was also to put forward recommendations for university libraries that would like to support researchers working with citizen science. The research librarian should focus on 1) identifying legal and ethical issues that the project managers should be aware of in their projects, 2) elaborating these issues in a Terms of Participation and data policy that also specifies data handling and sharing to the citizen scientist, and 3) motivating the project manager to good data handling practises.


Learn more about RDM and FAIR data in citizen science: Hansen, J.S., Gadegaard, S., Hansen, K.K., Larsen, A.V., Møller, S., Thomsen, G.S. and Holmstrand, K.F., 2021. Research Data Management Challenges in Citizen Science Projects and Recommendations for Library Support Services. A Scoping Review and Case Study. Data Science Journal, 20(1), p.25. DOI:


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