Responsible conduct of research for HUM, PhD course

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09 Sep 2019

Responsible conduct of research for HUM, PhD course


Responsible conduct of research - PhD Programme at the Faculty of Humanities at University of Southern Denmark

Module 3: Research data management

Research data in the context of the humanities could be derived or compiled resulting from processing or combining 'raw' data (e.g., text and data mining, compiled databases), and/or they could also be reference or canonical meaning a static or organic conglomeration or collection of datasets, probably published and curated (e.g., collection of letters, archive of historical images).

Learning objectives 

Knowledge and understanding 
• The students have a basic knowledge about the relevant laws, policies, and codes of conduct regarding research data 
• The students have a basic understanding of the diverse nature of research data in the humanities 
• The students have a basic understanding of the ethical dimensions of research data in the humanities and the rationale behind them 
• The students can write a data management plan 
• The students can identify and locate relevant information and guidance in the context of their own project 
• The students can reflect on issues pertaining to research ethics within empirical research in the humanities 
• The students can create data management plans for future research projects 
• The students can navigate between the demands and expectations of the research community, peers, supervisors, research funders, governments, and the public 

• Expectations of research and researchers from funders, institutions and society 
• Rules and regulations regarding research data 
• The Data Life Cycle 
• Research data management - handling and keeping research data 
• Sharing and preserving research data 
• Types of misconduct regarding research data 

This module is an online learning module that can be accessed via Blackboard in the RCR-HUM Course. The module will be open after the day of teaching Module 1. 

Course dates
18 September 2019 - 27 September 2019
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Syddansk Universitet 
Campusvej 55
Odense M
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