An update of the timeline and current actions

27 May 2020
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Dear RDA COVID-19 Software Subgroup members,
first of all, thank you for all your efforts and contributions in making
this final version happen. We'd like to share a quick update with you
regarding the timeline at this point:
- The actual *timeline *is available here

tomorrow, May 29th the 5th Release

draft) will be posted for comments.
- All *contributors* (across subWGs) are now *listed here
If you spot any issues and/or missing information, let us know by 1pm UTC
- There is a *first version of a glossary
as compiled by the Editorial Group. We will be opening this for further
discussion within this group, in order to ensure that the glossary in the
final document clearly reflects our input and thoughts on this. In the
meantime, please have a look at the current version of the glossary and let
us know of any key points that need to be put up for discussion. In terms
of timings, the glossary will be incorporated near COB today UTC.
- RDA will be putting together a document for *press*

* release* that includes an executive summary
Each subgroup was requested to add a bullet point highlighting one of the
key high-level recommendations.
- Given that the main objective now is to promote this document and
encourage feedback from the wider community, If you have particular *contact
points for targeted communications*, feel free to share them with the RDA
Secretary-General <***@***.***> and they'll be
added to the stakeholders' contact database & receive from May 28 onward
the v5 dissemination package, and any future direct comms related to final
release RDA community outreach.
Kind regards,
Fotis, Hugh and Michelle
Fotis E. Psomopoulos
Assistant Research Professor
INAB - Institute of Applied Biosciences
CERTH - Center for Research and Technology Hellas
Thermi 57001, Greece
Phone: +30 2310 498 478
Fax : +30 2310 498 270
Email: ***@***.***
Site :
ORCID: 0000-0002-0222-4273
*While I may be sending this email outside my normal office hours, I have
no expectation to receive a reply outside yours.*