New merged/structured doc for Good practice for research software

12 May 2020
Groups audience: 

Dear all,
The current 2-pager with recommendations for researchers, the
recommendations for policy makers and funders as well as the decision tree
are merged into one document.
Please start to comment here.
We suggest having one document to work on the consistency of the content
between the different sections and cross-referencing. The timeline for the
overall RDA WG document has changed (see table below) and there will also
be a structure change for the document.
We won't have space for the long version of the 2-pager in the official RDA
document. Some of the comments in the long version are already integrated
in the 2-pager (please see new order of recommendations). The goal for the
long version is to publish it as white paper or extend it to a journal
paper after the RDA document is finalized in June.
Since writing on the long version is delayed by a month, calls for
organizing do not seem to be necessary in the next four weeks;-) I will
pick this up next month.
There is a meeting of the whole RDA COVID group in about three hours and
resulting from our last meeting a major topic will be authorship and
Fotis and Hugh will follow up with more news after the meeting.
12 May 10:00am UTC
Newly structured document is circulated to subWGs, based on 3rd release
14 May
Ed team work to refine the text in what is now called ‘Foundational
14 May 10pm UTC
Deadline for subWGs to finish sections for 4th release using new document
15 May
Editorial team finalises, and publishes 4th Release
16-21 May
Groups work on final draft (5th release); Ed team again refines Sec 2 &
other changes needed
21 May 10pm UTC
Deadline for subWGs to finish sections for Final/5th release
Th 21 May - Tu 26
Editorial team works on the Final/5th release
Th 28 May
Final draft (5th) released for comment
28 May - 8 June
Community comment and feedback (10 days)
Sandra Gesing
Associate Research Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Computational Scientist, Center for Research Computing
University of Notre Dame