The final version of the RDA COVID-19 Recommendations and Guidelines for Data Sharing, published 30 June 2020

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The final version of the RDA COVID-19 Recommendations and Guidelines for Data Sharing, published 30 June 2020

By Bridget Walker



RDA COVID-19 Working Group


Group Co-chairs: Juan Bicarregui, Anne Cambon-Thomsen, Ingrid Dillo, Natalie HarrowerSarah Jones, Mark Leggott, Priyanka Pillai

Subgroup Moderators

Clinical: Sergio BoniniDawei LinAndrea Jackson-Dipina, Christian Ohmann

Community Participation:  Timea BiroKheeran DharmawardenaEva MéndezDaniel MietchenSusanna SansoneJoanne Stocks

Epidemiology:  Claire AustinGabriel Turinici

Indigenous Data: Stephanie Russo Carroll

Legal and Ethical: Alexander BernierJohn Brian Pickering

Omics: Natalie MeyersRob Hooft

Social Sciences: Iryna KuchmaAmy Pienta

Software: Michelle BarkerHugh ShanahanFotis Psomopoulos

Editorial team: Christoph Bahim, Alexandre BeaufaysIngrid Dillo, Natalie Harrower, Mark Leggott, Nicolas LoozenRobyn NicholsonPriyanka Pillai, Mary Uhlmansiek, Meghan Underwood, Bridget Walker

Recommendation title:  RDA COVID-19; Recommendations and Guidelines on Data Sharing, final release 30 June 2020


Authors: RDA COVID-19 Working Group and Subgroup Members




Citation:  RDA COVID-19 Working Group. Recommendations and Guidelines on data sharing. Research Data Alliance, 2020. DOI:

Note: The overacrhing COVID-19 Working group includes the specific working group members, events, posts, wiki and documents can be viewed here:

  1. Clinical

  2. Community Participation

  3. Epidemiology

  4. Indigenous Data

  5. Legal and Ethical

  6. Omics

  7. Social Sciences

  8. Software

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this document are those of the individuals identified, and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of their respective employers, or of any government agency or organisation.



The Research Data Alliance (RDA) COVID-19 Working Group members bring various, global expertise to develop a body of work that comprises how data from multiple disciplines inform response to a pandemic combined with guidelines and recommendations on data sharing under the present COVID-19 cicumstances.  This extends to research software sharing, in recognition of the key role in software in analysing data.  The work has been divided into four research areas (namely, clinical, omics, epidemiology, social sciences) with four cross cutting themes (namely, community participation, indigenous data, legal and ethical considerations, research software), as a way to focus the conversations, and provide an initial set of guidelines in a tight timeframe.  The detailed guidelines are aimed to help stakeholders follow best practices to maximise the efficiency of their work, and to act as a blueprint for future emergencies.  The recommendations in the document are aimed at helping policymakers and funders to maximise timely, quality data sharing and appropriate responses in such health emergencies.

This work was executed in an intense period over just over 6 weeks, with five iterations, all of which were opened for public community comment.  Draft releases and comments are avaialable here (

This activity has been conducted under the RDA guiding principles of Openness, Consensus, Balance, Harmonization, Community-driven, and Non-profit and technology-neutral.



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RDA Endorsed Recommendations
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Friday, 11 September, 2020
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Social Sciences, Medical and Health Sciences, Humanities
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