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09 Oct 2019
Groups audience: 

Dear all

I am rolling out an European and Brazilian online survey, that aims to yield the transatlantic cooperation between EU and Brazil for the next years. I believe you belong to the list of esteemed players in EU-BR cooperation whose opinion should be taken into account.

The purpose of the survey is to propose to both European Commission and Brazilian Government future priority topics for research and innovation between Europe and Brazil. How can Brazil and Europe get getting more benefits together rather than "going into action" individually? Your inputs will be collected in the "Final Research & Innovation Research Priorities Report", to be ready by November this year, in time for the EU-Brazil Policy Dialogue.

We would like to invite you all and also invite you can invite your colleagues involved in EU & BR cooperation to complete the online survey prepared by ATMOSPHERE:

Deadline to contribute is 15th October COB (Tuesday next week)

Thank you for your time!  If you could pass this link on to a colleague we’d be most appreciative! (For your benefit, we also prepared a piece of news on the website, LinkedIn article and tweets (e.g. example))

Best regards,

Rita (Trust-IT Services) & Priscila (University of Brasilia)