Claudia Medeiros Replaces Alfredo Tolmasquim as WDS-SC Member

17 Apr 2020
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Seguimos muito bem representados no Comitê Científico do World Data System:



"The World Data System (WDS) is an Interdisciplinary Body of the International Science Council (ISC; formerly ICSU) created by its 29th General Assembly in Maputo, Mozambique in 2008.



Vision and Mission



In its Strategic Plan 2012–2017, ICSU has articulated its long-term vision of 'a world where excellence in science is effectively translated into policy making and socio-economic development. In such a world, universal and equitable access to scientific data and information is a reality and all countries have the scientific capacity to use these and to contribute to generating the new knowledge that is necessary to establish their own development pathways in a sustainable manner'"




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    Author: Washington Luís...

    Date: 18 Apr, 2020

    Parabéns à Professora Claudia Medeiros!
    Em sex, 17 de abr de 2020 10:16, debora via RDA in Brazil <
    ***@***.***> escreveu:

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