Webinar: Building the European Open Science Cloud, July 1 at 11 CEST

21 Jun 2019
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Dear members of RDA-Austria,
Please find below an announcement distributed via the RDA nodes list:
EOSCSec is offering a webinar on the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)
- for details, agenda, etc. please see the email attached.
best regards,
Andreas Rauber
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Subject: [Rdaeu4-nodes] Webinar: Building the European Open Science
Cloud, July 1 at 11 CEST
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2019 09:54:08 +0000
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Dear nodes,
On July 1st at 11-12.30 CEST, the EOSC Secretariat is hosting the
webinar "Building the European Open Science Cloud. A deep dive into the
EOSC Working Groups and engagement opportunities with EOSC Secretariat".
The webinar is organised with the collaboration of the EOSC Executive
Board and will provide an overview of the EOSC Governance Structure and
present the newly-formed EOSC Executive Board Working Groups.
Main takeaways
- Learn about funding and co-creation opportunities you can apply for
- Understand how you can get involved in the EOSC governance process
- Find out how to Influence decision-making in the EOSC on behalf of
your stakeholder group
- Discover the main working groups, their outputs and who's behind them
- Get an overall idea of how the EOSC governance works
The webinar is addressed to infrastructure initiatives from the Member
States; EU infrastructure-related initiatives; researchers;
international initiatives; industry.
Registration is available at
Further details at