Provenance meeting this week - call for participation

09 Apr 2018
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Dear Prov Patterns WG and Australian Research Data Provenance members and additions,
This week we have our teleconference on Wednesday at the Australian Friendly time of 11am Australian Eastern Standard Time (Wednesday 1am UTC) (meeting invitation with details attached).
I would like to invite members of these lists who haven’t participated in many WG teleconferences but are interested in the WG in general to attend this week to engage some specific WG tasks. These are:
1. Specifying some Use Cases you have
2. Establishing provenance Patterns
3. Describing current or potential Implementations of patterns
* Yes, we would like people to spell out possible implementations!
It would be good if the WG, and the larger provenance community, could begin enhancing the Patterns DB that we have established by improving the quality of documented items in there and also by extending the coverage of provenance Use Cases recorded by adding your Use Cases if there are gaps in the system so that they aren’t yet articulated.
The system is building a hierarchy of Use Cases so we can take both generic and specific Use Cases: even if you think yours applies only to you, put it in! You never know who else may benefit from it. Also, adding your Use Case allows us to consider it and help you build a pattern to address it.
I hope to see/hear many of you on Wednesday!
Nicholas Car
Senior Experimental Scientist
CSIRO Land & Water
41 Boggo Road, Dutton Park, QLD 4102, Australia
E ***@***.*** M 0477 560 177 P 07 3833 5632

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