Patterns DB in production - almost complete

09 May 2018
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Dear WG,
I have just transferred the last of our Use Cases, Patterns, Implementations and so on from the Patterns DB from the dev server we’ve been running until now to a production server. The site will not go down again!
I am now working on the RDA logins to the system so that you all, and any other RDA members, can log in to the DB using your RDA credentials. For now, Use Cases etc. that you have contributed are attributed to you but you can’t add new ones or edit them until this logon work is complete.

  • Mireille Louys's picture

    Author: Mireille Louys

    Date: 11 May, 2018

    Hi Nick ,
    Many thanks for helping to ease the interactions with the Pattern DB
    This is engaging for our next contributions for uses-cases linked to
    astronomical data.
    Best , Mireille.

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