Meeting in 11 hours time

28 Aug 2018
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Hi all,
Tomorrow is the Australian Friendly-timed PPWG meeting. I won’t be able to attend – all day workshop – but I encourage a meeting without me using the details below.
Suggested Agenda
1. Approval of last meeting’s minutes
2. Review of new Patterns DB content
* Use Case “Scientists can track, list, and examine script executions”:
* Implementation “British Museum Collection”:
3. Provenance tracing across multiple Australian spatial catalogues
* The Geoscience Australia profile of ISO19115 ( that uses PROV-like terms for Dataset <----> Dataset relationships is now being considered for use by other state spatial agencies, like Qld. If multiple catalogues in Australia implement that profile, PROV relationships across multiple catalogues may be followed. What client applications would be able to use that distributed graph of information?
* An alternate approach is to have a harvested central catalogue with all provenance information in it, like an expanded but what are the barriers to implementing this? ANDS (ARDC) has already done work on this.
At a future Australian Friendly -timed meeting I will have one of my students present his investigations into Block Chain technologies and provenance. There’s a huge amount of hype here but what can a switched on Computer Science undergraduate find out in several weeks’ worth of investigations?
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