PTTP, Breakout 6 - 12th November 00:00 UTC

10 Nov 2020

Please join Preservation Tools, Technologies and Policies IG tomorrow if
you are interested in repository technology, FAIR, forensics and
annotation updates—agenda on poster below. Detailed session description
This meeting provides a forum for discussion on Knowledge
Preservation—how to make it easy for researchers to preserve their
research results in a way that is beneficial for sharing with others and
for further research. These issues are encountered immediately in any
discussion with researchers about data sharing or open data. Compared
with previous PTTP meetings we will focus on recent work that broadens
the scope and applicability of preservation technologies including
application to scientific annotation. We will hear from several projects
that have not yet received attention in this forum, including AARNet
services, launch of InvenioRDM and the use of Invenio outside HEP, as
well as from the OCFL community.
Preliminary versions of most of the slides are available for download at and there is a collaborative
notes document at
— if possible please check out the slides and indicate areas that you
would like to be developed during discussion in the session, so that we
can better utilize the time available.