Proposed "Synergies through (A)DMPs" workshop

18 Nov 2016

Dear all,
At the workshop on Active Data Management Plans ( held at CERN in June 2016, the idea of a follow-on workshop (or workshop series) looking for synergies through DMPs was discussed.
The plan is to focus on large projects - such as those on the ESFRI roadmap ( - including CERN’s High Luminosity upgrade of the LHC, HL-LHC) - that are characterised by significant capital investment together with large annual operations budgets.
By working through DMPs for these projects and / or their respective data management life cycles, we should expect to find synergies that could lead to common efforts at some level (maybe re-use of existing tools, architectures, components or just “ideas” - even “joint projects"), that in turn would translate to savings in time and money.
I have copied some RDA IGs based on the topics that typically appear in DMP guidelines.
For practical reasons, the first such workshop (I am hoping that it would be repeated, every 12-18 months, perhaps hosted by a different “ESFRI”) may not cover strictly all projects in the roadmap, nor indeed should it as projects in other parts of the world should also be considered.
As for the ADMP workshop, remote participation will be possible and we will attempt to schedule any remote talks at a convenient time for the time zone concerned.
*Tentative dates* are June 27 - 30 (even this far ahead it is hard to find an available room of the appropriate size).
If there are significant clashes we can try to find another date, although the week of June 12 should probably be avoided due to other meetings that will be held at CERN then.
Any help in defining the goals of the workshop more precisely, in reaching out to potential target communities and so forth would be much appreciated. I would hope that we could have something fairly concrete by the time of the RDA plenary in Barcelona, although the exact timetable, speakers and so forth would probably not be known by then.
There would be no charge to attend the workshop, although attendees would be expected to cover all travel and subsistence costs. (And if you do intend to come I would strongly recommended booking a hotel *early* with the option to cancel, rather than waiting for the last minute).
Feel free to forward this message further as you may consider appropriate.
(Some suggestions that I have already received include HNSciCloud: and ASTERICS / OBELICS: WLCG: and its evolution to cover the needs of HL-LHC would of course be covered).
Cheers, Jamie