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07 Jun 2013

Webconference Practical Policy WG

This is a monthly conference call on the second Thursday of each month, held at 10:00 AM EDT / 4:00 PM CET / 3:00 PM UTC.  

The next meeting will be February 12, 2015

NB!  When accessing the webconference room:

  • Click "Allow" and then "Join Audio"
  • The left side bar shows the people connected, video connections (if enabled) and includes the mute button. Please use the button to manage your microphone and avoid backround noise whenever you are not speaking.
  • Headsets with microphones are recommended, as computer microphones and cases cause a lot of background noise

The main topics:


  • P5 Session: WG Practical Policy 
    • Short group Introduction and outcomes
    • Results of the internal reviews
    • Final documents
    • "Definition" of important terms
    • Adoption of the results
    • How to sustain (and to extend) the group results in the future?
  • Status of the policy reviews & new versions of the documents:

Please feel free to add new topics.


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