RE: [pid-kernel-info-wg] Updates to the PID KI recommendation draft: Digital Object...

26 Apr 2018

Hello Tobias; all,
I have provided some comments to the draft.
It would be easier to use the specification if there were examples of metadata to be provided for each data element. The specification should also clarify if the elements are repeatable. And Mandatory column should have three options: Yes, Yes (if applicable) and No. In some cases additional information could be useful; for instance, Version number should be mandatory if it is not 1.
Since my point of view is that of Dublin Core, there are elements I do not fully understand in the Kernel information recommendation. Many elements are so special that it is hard to see why they should be part of Kernel information. It is possible that better familiarity with Handle service would help me to see the light. If that is the case, most people representing library sector may nevertheless have similar problems, since few librarians know the Handle service well.
Best regards,
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PS. The document is still here:
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