Gathering use cases for PID Kernel Information profile management

06 Dec 2019

Dear all,
following the kick-off at RDA P14, the next actions include to gather
disciplinary use cases that show how KI profiles are used and then
derive a set of exemplary workflows for interaction with profiles from them.
I would like to encourage you to contribute your use cases to the github
repo here:
A use case should describe
- a general 'set of the scene' explaining the application case that
involves Kernel Information
- requirements that you see for Kernel Information, Kernel Information
profiles and/or their management.
I have already added an example for ENES.
We have also handed in a session proposal for RDA P15 where we plan to
dsicuss the use cases, requirements and derived workflows. We shall have
a conference call in January to start the discussion. I will follow up
with a Doodle for this.
Best, Tobias
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