Physical samples 23 things flyer: final contributions

11 Jul 2021

Dear all,
Based on the discussion sessions the infographic/FAQ flyer based on the 23 things on physical samples has been updated!
If you have any final contributions/additions/edits please make sure to get those in before the 24th of August. Please add anything directly into the document using the suggestion mode, or by sending an email (***@***.***).
If you need some more time to contribute or if you're waiting for a publication to be released please do get in touch so we can include it in the resource. Please also reach out if you would rather have a chat about your contributions or if it is unclear how you can contribute.
Have a good week!
Hartelijke groeten/Kind regards,
Dr. Esther Plomp-Peterson | she/her | Data Steward @ TNW, TU Delft (research support for data/code/Open Science)
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