Physical samples 23 things flyer discussion sessions

08 Jun 2021

Dear all,
You can still contribute to the infographic/FAQ flyer based on the 23 things on physical samples! Next week we have two sessions to discuss the draft:
Session 1 - 14 June - 19:00 UTC -
Session 2 - 15 June - 08:00 UTC -
Please only attend one of these meetings as the discussions will most likely be quite similar (unless you're super enthusiastic of course!) - the idea is to have two meetings to accommodate multiple time zones.
You can also contribute directly to the draft itself by adding resources or reviewing the current content here:
During these meetings we will discuss shortly:
1) Whether we included all the resources
2) Are any of the resources redundant, unclear, outdated?
3) Other feedback/questions
Looking forward to seeing you there!
Hartelijke groeten/Kind regards,
Dr. Esther Plomp-Peterson | she/her | Data Steward @ TNW, TU Delft (research support for data/code/Open Science)
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