Join SESAR and EarthChem at the AGU 2019 Fall Meeting!

02 Dec 2019

Hello Everyone,
This year SESAR and EarthChem will be involved in numerous events at the
AGU 2019 Fall Meeting. In particular, we invite you to join our SESAR User
Forum this Sunday December 8th at 2pm or any of the other events listed
User Forum on Physical Samples hosted by SESAR and IGSN e.V.
Sunday, 8 December 2:00pm -4:00pm in the Pacific Heights room at Cartwright
Hotel Union Square
SESAR and IGSN e.V. are hosting
an open forum on Physical Samples. This forum is for anyone interested in
physical sample management. It will provide an opportunity for you to:
Learn about IGSN e.V. and SESAR, and how they support digital and
physical sample management, sample citation in publications, developing a
global sample catalog, and more.
Tell us about the challenges you encounter with your sample collections,
their curation, documentation, and preservation.
Find out how to become a user of the IGSN or member of the IGSN e.V.
Check out tools that SESAR offers to help you manage your samples.
If you are working with Earth and environmental samples as a researcher,
educator, curator, data manager, software developer or architect, or as a
publisher we invite you to join us!
Stop by our booth!
Booth 308 on NSF Street in the Exhibit Hall

The our booth showcases a group of data and sample facilities and
organizations that provide services to advance open access to data and
samples in the Earth, planetary, and environmental sciences: System for
Earth Sample Registration; the Lamont-Doherty Core Repository; IGSN
(globally unique sample identifier); EarthChem (EarthChem Library, PetDB,
LEPR, traceD); and the Astromaterials Data System. Talk to data and sample
curators to learn how to find and request data and/or samples, how to
publish your own data in compliance with new data sharing policies of
publishers and funders, how to register your samples and use IGSN, and how
your institution can become a member in the IGSN organization to start
issuing IGSN.
In addition to the user forum and the booth,* here are a number of related
SESAR/EarthChem Towhalls, Sessions, and Presentations you may be interested
Monday December 9th
U12B: (Inter)National Treasures: Advancing Earth, Environmental, and
Planetary Sciences Through Access, Accreditation, and Use of Natural
History Samples and Collections

Lehnert, Kerstin; Powers, Lindsay

U12B-02: Our Treasures Need No Longer be Buried: Advancing Physical
Samples from Personal Items to Globally Shared First Class Objects of
International Research.

Wyborn, Lesley; Klump, Jens; Lehnert, Kerstin
IN14B-14: Building Resilience by Sharing Infrastructure Among Data
Facilities: An Initiative of the EarthCube Council of Data Facilities

Lehnert, Kerstin; Ahern, Tim; Kinkade, Danie; Robinson, Erin
IN12B-01: Citations for physical samples: IGSN and the System for Earth
Sample Registration

Ramdeen, Sarah; Lehnert, Kerstin; Markey, Kelsey; Devendran, Sruti;
Johansson, Annika; Song, Lulin
Tuesday December 10th
TH23L: OneGeochemistry: Toward a Global Network of Geochemical Data

Lehnert, Kerstin; Wyborn, Lesley
IN24A-04: New Technology Driving Innovation of Sample Based Chemical
Data Systems

Ji, Peng; Lehnert, Kerstin
IN21A: Achieving the "R" of the FAIR Data Principles: Reusability Is the
Biggest Challenge but the Most Rewarding! -I

Wyborn, Lesley; Lehnert, Kerstin
IN23D: Achieving the "R" of the FAIR Data Principles: Reusability Is the
Biggest Challenge but the Most Rewarding! -II

Wyborn, Lesley; Lehnert, Kerstin
IN23D-0904: Best Practices for Curating Geochemical and Petrological
Data: The EarthChem Library

Lehnert, Kerstin; Markey, Kelsey; Johansson, Annika; Ramdeen, Sarah; Song,
Lulin; Devendran, Sruti
Friday December 13th
U53A: A Century of Earth and Space Science: The Influence of
Technological and Societal Changes on Research

Wyborn, Lesley; Murphy, Kevin; Glaves, Helen; Murayama, Yasuhiro
U53A-01: The Scientific Impact of Large Geochemical Data Sets

Albarede, Francis; Lehnert, Kerstin
Thank you,
Sarah Ramdeen
Sarah Ramdeen, PhD