New Data Type Implementation

15 May 2023

Dear PIDInst Group,
we update our Kernel Information Profile (KIP) to fit to the schema V1.0 from GitHub.
The KIP can be found here:
But more interesting is the validation schema which can be found here:
Please find attached an example data set that validates against the current implementation.
There is a lot of freedom to translate the schema so we followed as close as possible.
We removed the plural form and simplified the structure.
One Issue which we were unsure is the following two examples:
1) "Owner": [
"ownerName": "Sven",
"ownerContact": "***@***.***",
"ownerIdentifier": [
"ownerIdentifierType": "ORCID"
Or 2)
"Owner": [
"ownerName": "Sven",
"ownerContact": "***@***.***",
"ownerIdentifier": {
"ownerIdentifierValue": "0000-13413-4132-41234",
"ownerIdentifierType": "ORCID"
The difference is on the structure of the ownerIdentifier. First example is close to the schema definition but uses an array to accommodate the value and type.
While the second example is more logical when deriving a json. We implemented the second option for owner and similar examples in the schema.
Another remark:
- 5.3.1: Optional and occurrence of "1" are not compatible
- 7.2.1: Optional and occurrence of "1" are not compatible
And we were looking for a definition of “R” (required) and “M” (mandatory).
Isn’t occurrence sufficient?
We are looking for the feedback!
Best regards
Sven, Hans, Ali, Göksenin

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