National PID Strategy checklist (draft v2)

01 May 2023
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Hi everyone,
At RDA Plenary 20 in Gothenburg, we reviewed a draft National PID Strategy
Checklist developed by co-chairs and based on the case studies we have
received to date. I have updated the Checklist following feedback from our
discussion and attached it here for your review.
The Checklist is intended as an appendix to the guidance document which
will review and compare national PID strategies based on the case studies
we have received. We will share that draft with you as soon as the final
case studies have been received (due 8 May) and the guidance document has
been updated (aiming forn15 May). The guidance and checklist will also be
accompanied by the case studies. There will be an opportunity for you to
review these before they are finalised and sent for the whole of RDA open
community review.
The RDA Tiger program has offered to help us in socialising the WG's
outputs which is fantastic news.
If you have any thoughts / suggestions we'd love to hear them.
(on behalf of co-chairs Chris Brown, Daniel Bangert, Shawna Sadler)
Natasha Simons
Associate Director, Data & Services
M +61 411 325 295

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