Heads Up for RDA National Data Services IG

14 Jan 2016
Groups audience: 

Hi all,
Just a heads up on the activities of the proposed RDA National Data
Services IG over the next little while. There are lots of plans for
activity in 2016!
Kevin Ashley, Director of the Digital Curation Centre in the UK, has kindly
agreed to be a co-chair for the group.
The charter

the group has been updated based on your feedback from last year. It will
be submitted to the RDA next week, and the first step there will be
community consultation.
We will organise a phone hookup in the first week of February to plan the
information gathering exercise for the following two questions that were
identified in Paris:
- "what services might be offered by national data services?"
- "what kind of organisational and governance models do national data
services use?"
We plan to run one hookup monthly which we will alternate between times for
US, EU/Africa, and Asia and Australasia.
We have applied for a session at the Tokyo plenary. We plan to really get
into addressing those two questions there and setting up the grass roots
information gathering framework. There is also a proposed joint session
with the Data Fabric IG (who are seeing a lot of the
functions identified in the data fabric as being delivered through national
and regional data services).
During this year we may also look at some half day, more in-depth, "look
under the hood" information sharing sessions between those interested in
establishing national data services to perhaps start to tease out shared
If you have any ideas, don't hesitate.

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