Planning to Attend the NDS IG in Gabarone During International Data Week? 11/6 at 11:30 AM

05 Sep 2018
Groups audience: 

Hello NDS IG members,
1. Our P12 session is planned for Tuesday, November 6th from 11:30 AM - 1 PM. If you will be attending the International Data Week in Botswana, it would be helpful to know which of you plan to go, and how big our group will be for planning purposes. **Please click the Doodle link below and indicate yes with a check mark or click Send (not going).**
2. If you are going and would be interested in giving an update on your NDS, please let me know.
3. We are also looking for suggestions on ways to include existing and emerging African NDS's who might not be aware of our group.
NDS IG Co-chair