11th Plenary meeting tomorrow at 16:30

20 Mar 2018
Groups audience: 

Our NDs IG meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, 16:30-18:00 in Room A01 at the Berlin Congress Center. We also have remote participation as an option, which is detailed in the session webpage:
We hope you can join us, in person or online. Our agenda is in the document linked to above.
SPEAKERS: if you are scheduled for a speaking slot tomorrow, please e-mail me your presentation deck or link, or come to the room 20 minutes ahead of the scheduled start so we can get the presentation ready. 90 minutes goes by very quickly, so this will help us keep things on track!
On behalf of the NDS IG co-chairs, Christine Kirkpatrick and Adrian Burton, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow and continuing the discussion of National Data Services. Cheers,
Mark Leggott, Executive Director / Directeur exécutif
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