Please join us for the Global Open Research Commons sessions at VP16

13 Oct 2020


Many of you will have participated in a previous RDA Plenary session discussing the “Global Open Research Commons” (GORC). We are pleased to announce that there will be two session at VP16 on the GORC:

  1. An Interest Group session (Monday Nov 9, 17:00-18:30 UTC) that will solicit feedback on work to date and identify possible Working Group activities, and:

    1. Build consensus and alignment around the definition/description/vision of a Commons.

    2. Define and validate a typology of Open Science Commons to provide a framework to make infrastructures more interoperable thereby resolving societal challenges at a global scale

  2. A BoF session that will gauge interest in creating a working group to evaluate and recommend a minimal set of international benchmarks for global commons that allow researchers and developers to coordinate services and create roadmaps for international interoperability.

We will be providing updated agendas for both meetings prior to the calls.

We hope that you will join your colleagues to engage in this important conversation regarding global open science infrastructures.

GORC Facilitators: Vivien Bonazzi, Sarah Jones, Mark Leggott, Devika P. Madalli, Corina Pascu, Karen Payne, Andrew Treloar