COUNTER Code of Practice for Research Data Draft 1

17 Oct 2017

Dear Colleagues,
For your information related to our interest group and the metrics for
Research Data, have you read the "COUNTER Code of Practice for Research
Data Draft 1 (September 8, 2017):
Kind regards,
Marie-Claude Deboin
CIRAD, France
*COUNTER Code of Practice for Research Data Draft 1 'Updated September
8, 2017)*
The Code of Practice for Research Data enables data publishers and
vendors to produce consistent and credible usage metrics for research data.
This allows libraries, funders and other stakeholders to compare metrics
received from different vendors and data publishers, and to understand
and demonstrate the value of research data.
This is the *first draft release of a Code of Practice for Research
Data* specifically targeting research data usage. The recommendations
are aligned as much as possible with the COUNTER Code of Practice
Release 5 for the major categories of e-resources (journals, databases,
books, reference works, and multimedia databases). Many definitions,
processing rules, and reporting recommendations apply to research data
in the same way as they apply to other resources. This applies, for
example, to data granularity, i.e., how to report usage for datasets
that are available as single files, datasets consisting of multiple
files, and/or collections of datasets.
Marie-Claude DEBOIN
Deleguee a l'information scientifique et technique
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