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Please note that the Metadata Standards Directory  WG has now finished its term under RDA and has delivered its outputs. A follow-on WG has been created: Metadata Standards Catalog WG.

The RDA Metadata Standards Directory Working Group is supported by individuals and organizations involved in the development, implementation, and use of metadata for scientific data. The overriding goal is to develop a collaborative, open directory of metadata standards applicable to scientific data can help address infrastructure challenges...Metadata Standards Working Group Case Statement.



Key resources  


  • Output Slides presented at  Plenary 6 in Paris
  • Output Slides presented at Plenary 5 in San Diego
  • Metadata Principles - Created and endorsed by all the RDA metadata groups

Outreach and Presentations

  • Summer interns help advance MSDWG agenda:  
    • Yuan Ling, Drexel University, USA-RDA internship, investigates machine-actionable policy linking RDA's MSDWG and Policy working groups.  See Yuan's poster @ RDA-4, Mapping Human-Readable/Machine-Readable Policies for RDA Metadata Standards Directory Development.
    • Kate Alderete, University of Denver, Colorado, DataONE RDA metadata WG:  DataONE summer internship, project no. 7, explores GitHub to make the Metadata Standard Directory more commuity driven.
  • Ball, A., Chen, S., Greenberg, J., Jeffery, K., Koskela, R., and Perze, J.  (2014).  Building a disciplinary metadata standards directory.  IDCC-2014:
  • Chen, S. (2014).  A Prototype Collaborative Directory of Metadata Standards. A Master’s

    Paper for the M.S. in L.S. degree. April 2014:

  • Perez, C.  (2013).  The RDA’s Metadata Standards Directory: Information Gathering. A Master’s Paper for the M.S. in L.S. degree. November, 2013: CPerez-RDA-Metadata.pdf, 
  • CAMP-4-DATA - DCMI Science and Metadata/RDA, 6 Sept. 2013, Lisbon, Portugal, (Proceedings).  Greenberg, 

Selected past events 

WG slides and documents 

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