Plenary 6 - notes from the Metadata Standards Catalog meeting

The Metadata Standards Catalog WG was fortunate to have the assistance of an Early Career grant winner, Josep Maria Salanova Grau from the Hellas Centre for Research and Technology. Here are his notes from the Thursday meeting.

The meeting started with a round table presentation and a brief presentation on the history of the group, the steps and the activities of the WG as well as the use cases analyzed in the previous plenary meetings. The focus is on updating standards so if there are available standards that are not in the list the WG chairs asked the audience to share them.

Keith's presentation

  • What’s next? Build catalog WG from the directory, clarifying the difference between catalogue and directory

  • Vision: metadata for metadata standards, metadata format converters and definition of the metadata required elements for characterizing metadata schemes

  • Metadata group position in RDA. There is a strong need for interoperability. Questions and discussion about how to maintain the updates (we need tools for accessing the metadata format site) and about how to avoid the replication of the work already done.

Rebecca's presentation

  • She asked if there are projects working on catalogs for metadata trying to avoid duplication and to include more metadata schemes coming from these initiatives. She provided various examples.

  • She asked how to use the catalog, and how to solve the existing problems. Some use cases have been defined and should be validated. Communities can find an identity in the data catalog. We should define aggregators of data for a better characterization. There is a need for cross databases / cross research and use of the same functionalities among different vocabularies (metadata dictionary). Publishing cross-walks and mapping between metadata formats at element level. Mapping at domain and metadata levels. Track the evolution of the standard.

  • What the WG expect from the 18-month work is the definition of the catalogue with a standard metadata for describing metadata

Alex's presentation

  • He presented the work plan available on the site and the way the WG works (plenary meetings, conference calls, site and support from students and volunteers)

  • Feedback and review. Get people that want to adopt it early in the WG (also form the private sector). More detail in the work plan. More information for people outside of the WG. Collaboration with the other WGs. Look at existing use cases. There were 2 volunteers, one form the public sector and one form the private sector.

  • Use case template. Use case from domains not useful. People are tired, we should find the way to ask them. Long-time activity. There is a need for clarifying the objective of the use case (maybe interoperability).

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