Applying DDI-CDI (Data Documentation Initiative-Cross Domain Integration) to the EOSC

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20 Nov 2020
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Members of MIG,
This may be interest and the first workshop is today.
DDI and CODATA are collaborating on a new EOSC Co-Creation project, to
complete in March 2021, which will be looking at the possible application
of the new DDI-Cross Domain Integration (DDI-CDI) standard in an EOSC
context. The project will be conducted as an investigation of technical
requirements for data sharing, composability and integration that can
usefully be met by implementing this model. A series of meetings with
various EOSC groups is anticipated, including the EOSC Clusters, the
FAIRsFAIR Metadata Catalogue Integration group, and the FAIR Working Group,
whose Interoperability Framework is important for EOSC.
The first Workshop will be organised *at 15:00-17:00 CET on Friday 20
November*: it will introduce DDI-CDI and identify topics for further
exploration with the stakeholders listed. *We will be very grateful if you
could recommend appropriate technical people from EOSC-related activities
(EOSC Clusters, metadata groups etc) who would be interested in engaging
with us in this project, and who can help us to understand and explore what
the use of DDI-CDI might best be in the different areas being addressed by
EOSC. Express interest by writing to Simon Hodson *****@***.****
<***@***.***>* or simply go ahead and register at: *

Further information on DDI-CDI at