Metadata IG Meeting

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15 Oct 2020 UTC

Metadata IG Meeting

15 Oct 2020

Rebecca Koskela <>

Thu, Oct 1, 8:24 AM
to Metadata
Dear members of the RDA Metadata IG,

 We invite you to join an online meeting Thursday, October 15th, in preparation for the Metadata IG session at P16.  We will share the results of the survey on metadata element priorities.

 The survey generated an interesting discussion on why some items were missing from the element set so we will present a better explanation of the metadata element set. In addition, two examples of how the high-level elements can be unpacked will be presented.

  We continue to encourage everyone to comment in the google docs for each element so – hopefully – we can soon reach an RDA community consensus and start to utilize the canonical rich element set (with defined syntax and semantics) to support FAIR.

Thank you,

Rebecca Koskela

Keith Jeffery

Alex Ball

 Link to Metadata Elements:

Link to recording: