Comments on the recommended set of metadata elements

15 Dec 2016

Keith and I are planning for RDA P9 in Barcelona and would like to have
received comments on the metadata elements prior to the meeting in April.
We would like to hear from the members of the metadata groups before
sending this out to a wider audience, including the domain groups. If you
have additional comments on the metadata element set please respond to this
email by next week (Dec 22).
Keith Jeffery
Rebecca Koskela
During and since the Amsterdam plenary the metadata groups - working
together under the umbrella of MIG (Metadata interest Group) have followed
a process leading to a recommended set of metadata elements for RDA
community use. The process depended on:
- Collection of use cases coordinated by DICIG (Data In Context Interest
- Collection of schemes of existing metadata 'standards' by MSDWG
(Metadata Standards Directory Working Group now transmuted into MSCWG
(Metadata Standards Catalog WG);
- Widespread discussions with various domain groups and technical groups
in RDA;
The proposed list of elements is:
1. Unique Identifier (for later use including citation)
2. Location (URL)
3. Description
4. Keywords (terms)
5. Temporal coordinates
6. Spatial coordinates
7. Originator (organisation(s) / person(s))
8. Project
9. Facility / equipment
10. Quality
11. Availability (license, persistence)
12. Provenance
13. Citations
14. Related publications (white or grey)
15. Related software
16. Schema
17. Medium / format
Please note that these are elements, not single-valued attributes. Most
will have internal syntax (structure) and use of terms that require
declared semantics. Also it is not exhaustive; it is expected that
particular subject domains will have much greater lists of elements. This
list is intended to be the recommend list of elements that should be
provided by all within RDA to (a) permit discovery, (b) support
contextualisation (assessment of relevance and value) and (c) facilitate
action (interoperation including query and integration).
This is a call for any final comments from the RDA community on the list,
especially from newer groups that may not have been involved in the earlier
The plan is to finalize the list at the Barcelona RDA plenary 9 (April
2017) and start work on 'unpacking' the elements to an agreed syntax and
semantics that can be (a) understood by humans (b) acted upon reliably by
computer systems.
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