By Next Wednesday 20-SEP-2017: Name Candidates for Chair Rotation

15 Sep 2017

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
We would like to ask you to put forward your name or the name of a colleague to be considered for taking over a Co-Chair for the Interest Group "Long Tail of Research Data".
A simple message with a name, sent to myself or Kathleen is all we need at this point by Wednesday, 20-SEP-2017.
Which responsibilities would you take over? As Co-Chairs of our Interest Group, we have convened plenary meetings and planned activities between meetings. In order to be able to convene meetings regularly, it has proven to be beneficial not to have only one chair (hence 'Co-Chair').
It is possible to spin off Working Groups from the Interest Group, if a focused activity producing a dedicated output shall be pursued. Our IG so far concentrated on conceptual work such as the paper "Addressing the gaps: Recommendations for Supporting the Long Tail of Research Data”
Kathleen and I will make sure we will have a smooth handover!
Please do not hesitate to name a person or yourself -- or to ask questions.
Thank you in advance for your contributions to the community!
We will discuss further steps of appointing Co-Chairs in the plenary meeting in Montreal on Wednesday, 20-SEO-2017, 3:30-5:00pm. We hope to see you there but you can also participate remotely.
All the best,
Wolfram Horstmann & Kathleen Shearer