Re: [rda-tailresearchdata-ig][rda-libresearchdata][software-source-code-ig] A new(?) aspect of software and the FAIR principles

23 Mar 2020

Dear Robin, Rolf,
Thank you for Your suggestions. I agree with both of You.
My hope is that there would be enough people interested in my suggestion, to
draft some initial document on the question. All comments, suggestions, additions - like yours - are wellcome!
With kind regards,
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I agree that software ingesting, processing, producing, and archiving should adhere to FAIR principles. What seems questionable is the use of “especially open source” in 2 & 4. Commercial software, especially that software not orginiating from informed by communities committed to preservation and open content, is just as likely to not meet FAIR principles. There was a time when we would not buy software unless we had access to the source code. That vulnerability persists in my opinion especially software dealing with data.
Robin Ruggaber
Director for Strategic Technology Initiatives & Partnerships
University of Virginia Library