Linguistics Data Interest Group (LDIG): Tromsø Recommendations campaign starting, help get the TRecs into more places

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08 Nov 2021
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Dear LDIG members,


Thanks to everyone who participated in the asynchronous meeting, and/or attended the P18 workshop. You can access the written minutes from the P18 meeting here (they follow a similar format to the LDIG meeting prior):


This TLDR version is: The Tromsø uptake campaign is ready! Please read and participate, by contacting journals, publishers and other relevant groups to encourage them to include the Tromsø Recommendations:


Thanks to everyone who already indicated they can take part! The LDIG has members from a range of places and disciplines, so we hope you can use the step-by-step model to contact journals in your area.


We will be publicly launching this campaign at our first public talk of 2022, which is Helene Andreassen’s presentation about the Tromsø Recommendations and the LDIG at the Linguist Society of America annual meeting in January 2022. We will ask you again to share the campaign publicly then, but please do start building the momentum with us before this.


Thanks, as always, for your commitment to improving linguistic data practices!


Lauren, Andrea & Helene