Of interest: Transparency and replication in Applied Linguistics

16 Apr 2018
Groups audience: 

LDIG member Emma Marsden (University of York) shares the following message
and the attached papers on the subject of reproducible research methods in
applied linguistics. Please feel free to comment here, and to visit the IRIS
We wondered if you might be interested in some relevant initiatives and
publications within the close sister discipline of applied linguistics?
1) The repository IRIS www.iris-database.org, which began in 2011 at the
forefront of open science: a searchable, open database of materials and
data for research in language acquisition, bilingualism, and language
education. It now holds over 3800 materials and has had around 25,000
downloads. It has the support of over 25 major journals. I’m attaching here
a pre-print of a 2016 book chapter that gives an overview of its purpose
and scope.
2) A synthesis of replication studies in second language research (open
access, *Language Learning*): narrative and systematic reviews of the state
of replication research, giving 16 recommendations about ways forward.
3) An Editorial introducing the ‘Registered Report’ publication
type at *Language
Learning, *to help increase replicability, transparency, and collaboration
in the language sciences.
4) A methodological synthesis of self-paced reading research in second
language research. Among other things, this study indicates the severity
and consequences of poor methodological transparency.
My colleagues and I would be very interested in your thoughts.
Warm wishes