Of Interest: Registered Reports in Linguistics, an open initiative

09 Aug 2018
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Dear LDIG members,
Timo Roettger of Northwestern University has put together an initiative to encourage more linguistics journals to adopt Registered Reports (RRs).
You can read more about the initiative, and participate, by going to this Google Sheets document: www.bit.ly/lingregrep
From the document:
With RRs, you write a study and analysis plan, and submit it to a journal before you collect the data. You get feedback from the reviewers on the design of the study. If the reviewers approve of the methods, you get conditional acceptance. This means that the study will be published regardless of its outcome. Exploratory analyses can still be reported, but they will be explicitly distinguished from the confirmatory analyses relating to the original hypotheses.
The RR format is good for the scientific record, because it combats publication bias, HARKing, p-hacking, exploration of researcher degrees of freedom and other harmful practices.
1) If there are any journals where you would like to see RRs, please add them to the list (sheet "Journals") before the 15th of September.
2) If you would like to be a signatory on the emails to the editors, please let me know or add your name to the list of signatories (sheet "Signatories"). I will then add your name to the emails that I will send to the editors. Here is a template of the email:
3) If you are part of any networks for which this could be relevant, please help me to spread the word and my two requests above.
Dr. Lauren Gawne
David Myers Research Fellow
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