Austin Principles of Data Citation launched! Thanks and next steps

12 Dec 2017
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Dear Linguistics Data Interest Group members,
We’re pleased to announce that the Austin Principles of Data Citation in
Linguistics have now been added as an ‘output’ to the LDIG page. Thanks to
everyone at the 10th Plenary in Montreal, and those who gave feedback
online around that time as well. We’re really pleased with how the current
version looks.
Next Steps
Now that we have the Austin Principles as a resource, the LDIG can work
towards increasing awareness of the principles of good linguistic data
management. To help, we’ve created a site for the Austin Principles and
supporting information that was created by LDIG members:
Here’s how you can help spread the word:
1. Share the link to the Austin Principles with your academic networks
2. Endorse the principles, adding your voice of support:
3. Take the principles to linguistics societies and organisations that you
are a member of, as well as journals you contribute to, and encourage them
to endorse the principles.
4. Cite the principles in any discussion of good data management
Again, thanks to everyone for their work on this. The Austin Principles
give us a great basis on which to build future data citation standards and
develop training for linguists.
If you’re thinking of coming to the 11th RDA Plenary in Berlin in March
2018, or the 12th RDA Plenary in Gaborone in September 2018, please get in
touch! We’re beginning to plan next steps for the LDIG, and look forward to
you contribution in shaping the future of linguistic data!
Lauren, Andrea and Helene
(Co-Chairs, LDIG)
Dr. Lauren Gawne
David Myers Research Fellow
Department of Linguistics
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